Electronic Authorisation

Electronic Transactions Act 1999

The Electronic Transactions Act 1999 enables some transactions to be entered into electronically. It is our intention that the business relationship between us will be conducted under the provisions of the Electronic Transactions Act.


Under that Act, we are not entitled to conduct our business with you electronically unless we have your consent and agreement to do so. In deciding whether you should provide that consent, we advise that should you consider:-

  1. Any electronic communication from us to you will be in a form which will be able to be saved by you, will be able to be printed by you or will be usable by you for subsequent reference;
  2. Any electronic communication from us to you will either direct you to a website from which the document can be downloaded, or the communication will have an attachment containing the information;
  3. We will retain a copy of the electronic communication for such time as we are required to by law in a form which complies with the law;
  4. You have the right to withdraw your consent to receive electronic communications on giving us at least two business days’ notice, and
  5. We intend to communicate you electronically in all matters where we are able to by law, and we expect that you will regularly check your electronic communication systems (email and SMS in particular, and fax where applicable) to see if there is any electronic communication from us.

I/we acknowledge that I/we have read and understood the consent given under the Electronic Transactions Act 1999 and agree to allow MoneySpot Pty Ltd to communicate with me/us electronically pursuant to the provisions of the Electronic Transactions Act 1999.